Beginning to find out I want nothing to do with religion, and nothing to do with Christians. I love God and that is enough for me. I have my own personal relationship with God and I am just going to be Michelle. Which is what got people labeling me a Christian in the first place. You don’t have to say a word, just live the the scriptures and people will label you. Some call me angel, others saint, others God, and some the devil. (Seems that happens in the religion world mostly- the devil part. They are all devils except them, according to their religion),  but for the most part many tell me I am a blessing to them, so I will continue down that path.  It’s pretty much the same they did to Jesus. depends on what side you were sitting in. Some called Jesus mad, a devil, and others loved and worshiped him. Seems the same in my life too. Happens when you follow Jesus.  Oddly persecution only seems to be in the church. (from church folks) Give sinners good advice and they praise you. Even some religious men hear your words, but for the most part the religious world hates you when you start being a doer of the Word. That is truth. I have lived it and do live it.


Years ago my writing was helping many people and all I was doing was being Michelle. Random thoughts for the win!!! WOOT!!! That is who I am. Anyways online, I am just doing what I am famous for and devoted a whole site to it. The new day in my house. This is just my random thoughts. Feel free to stone me and judge me as long as I have a brain, I am still going to think! so please take all your theories, debates and hate far, far away from me, THANKS!  Sorry I really have not meet anyone in my life godly who has claimed to be a Christian. That is just truth according to my life and I am deeply sorry who it offends. The people I label a Christian are the ones I see acting Christ like and oddly these are the ones who say they are nothing and they speak not of them self but their actions speak multitudes and truth be told, off of social media, I think I am one of them. I would rather be praised by what I do, not what I say.  So forgive me if I just log off and only come on to blog and if you like what I say continue to read, and if not I pray God be with you greatly, and that is my prayers to whoever comes to my page. Have a blessed wonderful day dear readers!  May peace enter your heart and multiply daily, Shalom! <3


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