Real Talk!

Do not trim your lamps Brothers and Sisters in Christ, also God’s Children! neither let your lamp go dim and who hides a light under the table?! Keep the Word of God in your hearts, and minds and souls. Live it. Breathe it. Let it be a guide of how to walk with God in this life!

Do things to make God happy and the Word of God will be written with in you! It will lead you and guide you! Indeed it is fuel for our soul. It is food! it is GOOD NUTRITION! Is is the best weapon and food and ALL THINGS ON THIS PLANET!

Anyways this is a WORD to the wise or even the foolish all with ears let them hear and let the blind see also, Heal the lame oh God. Restore our lands. Help us to repent oh God. Lead us to you! Deliver us from our own natures. (sin-enemy) 

Anyways I pray this message be a blessing for many. For there is and was a parable about foolish virgins and all through the Word the one’s who are foolish are the one’s not obeying God.

Keep the Word of GOD in our members OUR WHOLE BODY my friends! We are the BODY OF CHRIST! The Holy Spirit RESIDES WITH IN OUR TEMPLES (BODY) Please pray to God and ask God to give you strength to walk in ways pleasing to GOD! Have a blessed day! God loves people truth be told GOD does not like sin! And nothing shall separate us from GOD again! Not ever! We thank you GOD for your precious remnant and reminder of what happens when we disobey! GOD BLESS YOU GOD AND THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL BOOK OF INSTRUCTIONS! GOD IS THE ONLY COUNSELOR AROUND! WONDERFUL IS GOD! Amen! Selah! and Shalom! my friends!


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