The Word of God is free and being spoken all over for free. I myself have spoken it, written it all over for many years and never asked for one penny. I am not a beggar but honestly People should be paid for there labor. As people can examine my facebook and see how much of my time goes into my labor. Just the same as many other people. There are many people who love God and they sit for hours and days at a time searching things, reading them, praying for everyone. Who in the world wants to work for free? Out of compassion and love many do all the time. But writers write books and there books are not good (life saving). But yet people pay those writers. Everyone wants to get paid in this world and to me the Gospel is not about money, it should be spoken for free. but there are many scriptures about being cheerful givers. All through the bible God wanted people to sow into His Kingdom. When we examine the scriptures Jesus talks about tithing it was because HE KNEW THEY WERE TRYING TO TEMPT HIM! Upon further examination of the WORD we will learn all kind of things about tithing. I am not a tithe Teacher but it should be taught honestly, it should not be forsaken and fact of the matter is many pastors tithe your money as it is meant to be! MOST PREACHERS WHO SPEAK TRUTH ARE NOT SITTING IN MANSIONS. NOT EVERYONE IS A PROSPERITY TEACHER!
Do you know a lot food banks was made by people who tithe, Meaning Pastors who received TITHE money made them? Do you know many homeless shelters were opened by Churches? Do you know half or even all the worlds charity comes from Godly people? Anyways I am not a beggar but I do intend on preaching and my message will be after each sermon. if my words blessed you in any type of way, and the Lord puts it in your heart to give then so be it. if you give you give.. if you don’t you don’t. the Lord does provides always! and I shall not go hungry.
Sometimes God places it on people’s heart to give people money. and seriously God forbid I stop myself from receiving a blessing if one is coming my way. Again as I said last night people can judge me, But I will continue doing as being told to per God. God bless everyone and I pray many come to understanding and wisdom in the WORD! Shalom! I speak in reference to (this post) Consider all things written. there are so many who say all types of things, so God never wanted anyone to give? Something to think about and one day we shall discuss the scriptures that go to this and let the WORD answer. Until then I am done for the day. Shalom family and friends, children of GOD


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