Prophet of GOD? Or seer for the people?

Michelle Stokes

A prophet of GOD, or seer for the people? Long ago there came these people who spoke and they claimed they spoke for God. And this people pleased the people with their fancy words and yes even their dressing. They said enticing words to many. They even had talents it seemed to perform miracles. But when judgement came these seers could not save the people.

Why they followed the stars and the moon even. They performed miracles among the people. Again when judgement came to pass. these seers could save no man! Selah!

I pray many take heed to words that are being spoken over them. I pray many get in the Word so they see if the words even be prophetic. For even the devil gives gifts my friends!

I pray many sit at the Lord’s feet and incline their ears to Wisdom. For it is written in order for one to withstand the fiery darts the wicked ones throws or even the wiles of the devil. I pray we all become knowledgeable in How to get God’s favor for indeed it is written. there shall come a time when no more teachers shall be needed For God would be our God and all shall know him. and need none to Teach them for they would be taught by God.

I pray there be none left behind and or dancing in the circles with the devil friends. Get in the Word and listen, APPLY(DOERS) and all things will come to pass,. Those who seek the Lord’s favor should draw near to the LORD, Do not forsake the assembly. For God did call many to knowledge, it is wise to sit under counsel of studied men, but I also pray many put the Word in their eyes, for if the eye be blinded then indeed so is their whole member! meaning you are being lead blindly by the blind, and both shall fall in a ditch my friends! Shalom family of God!

Written by Michelle Stokes, To GOD be all the glory!


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