Prayer for the people

The Lord scatters and gathers and I pray all people who know God make a joyful noise unto Him.Sing songs of praises. Give God glory and honor. Let us pray for our friends. our families, our enemies. all people. Our nations, our leaders. To the ones in poverty, let us not be forgotten. I pray God heal the wounded soldier left on the field to die. I pray God plant a lot of people a beautiful garden and that we may all grow in God.

A new nation and new people under God, ones who will serve Him and honor Him. One’s who will obey His laws and keep the ten commandments in their hearts.

People who will incline their ears to wisdom. Ones who will sit at the LORD’s feet. A strong nation of people under God. With God as our hero and leader. With God protecting us and leading us to green pastures. lead us to dry lands LORD. Ones that do not hunger nor thirst for your WORD anymore. Lead us to fresh waters God.

Help a great nation of people be strong ambassadors of Christ. Lead your people God in ways pleasing to you. This is my prayer for the people oh God. For you God alone know all people’s hearts,. all people’s intentions God. Help the people God, I do not murmur, nor complain. I give you the highest honor and praises. Without stammering or wavering I thank you God for being such a wonderful awesome GOD!

Hallowed be your name! Holy are you oh God. Lead a great multitude of people to you LORD, in Jesus name Amen!


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