Prayer for new pastures

I pray many people flee from wrath, flee from hatred, Flee from jealously, bitterness, envy and strife. I pray the LORD fill many with truth, With wisdom of His Word, I pray many return to GOD, That they follow JESUS and find the truth with in us. I pray God give many a new heart, That He give you power to overcome and God give many a new hope, and breathe with in us new LIFE, For the edifying of God’s Kingdom here on earth for the lost who many do not seek after.

The Son of man came to seek that which is lost. Jesus came for so many things. To bring us back to remembrance of our Maker. To teach us to sin no more. To walk in ways pleasing to GOD! I pray for all the lost people. I pray the Lord lead me my own flock of people to watch over. I have spoken to God, I would lead them all to His truth to His Wisdom all for the glory of GOD’s Kingdom also to be called the Body of Christ.

United we stand together and divided we fall and fail. I pray no man be stranded out there left alone for it is hard for man to rise up when they are alone. Even though God can without a doubt do the impossible. God did not create us to be alone and this is truth. God bless many people and I pray the Lord call many to His Kingdom.


Have a blessed day. Also GOD help the shepherds who are are here be at peace with in them self. Help them tend to their own flocks. Help them be humble with the things as they are LORD, Fill them with new wisdom. Take away their anger, and jealously LORD. For in the past I have spoken and it sure did seem to anger the elders. Help them keep their eyes on you GOD and give them more knowledge so they be humble and leave me alone. For as a lady who sits and worships the LORD I shall not be attacked for my actions. Let them be at peace with the TRUTH IN YOUR WORDS! In Jesus name I pray Amen!

Shalom family of GOD also to be called the Body of Christ! Written by Michelle Stokes, for the glory of GOD’s Kingdom!


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