Pray for understanding

Jeannine Stokes

When you start reading the bible. See I said “when” Because I just know in my heart of hearts you will. I know deep down inside you do not want to hurt anymore, and you want to believe in something. Trust me when I say GOD is a good things to believe in!

Come to GOD, with an open heart and He will open His arms to you. He will say welcome home My Child, I am so glad you returned to me. Then the heavens will have a party my friends! WEEEEEEEEE! Hallelujahs! God will have a party for little old me? That is what the Word says. When ONE sinner REPENTS.THE HEAVENS WILL REJOICE! AMEN!

So GOD is real and answers prayers, Especially if they are for THE RIGHT INTENTIONS! So before you read, it is wise to say a prayer. Ask God to help you see the truth.Ask God to help you understand. Ask God that you receive a message that can help you in your current time frame. Tell GOD, you want to go forward. You don’t want to be evil, but do not know how to be good. Ask Him to lead you, and He will. Lord lead me to green pastures. Help me walk with you LORD, in Jesus name Amen!

Start speaking to GOD, and seeing if He doesn’t start drawing to you also. The Word of God is real. It is a Book of Promises. Of LIFE, and the devil does know this, This is why he keeps so many away from it. Please learn GOD keeps all promises, this is why we want to get on HIS GOOD SIDE! I pray many get RIGHT with GOD , IN JESUS NAME AMEN!


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