Read the Word!

Jeannine Stokes

Start reading the Word of God like a book. It will help you make more sense.The bible is very explaining and if people start reading,I just don’t see how you can not believe.

It is really great to study and examine one verse and a couple scriptures. But the more you start reading the more God watches and God Himself just starts showing you stuff. You start spending time with God. God starts spending time with you!

Start reading the bible like a book. I would suggest to stay in new testament for a bit if you don’t God. The Words of Jesus are AWESOME, But honestly the Lord came to put some in confusion and others to gather. After Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, When you start to continue reading you start seeing things a lot different then many speak on.

It really is time for us to come out of traditional teachings. It really is time for people to start putting the Word of God with in them. I would ask friends to read with me. It is amazing how when you just read the Word out loud, It is like God comes and visits the room. He comes and give His own bible study. I have seen and witnessed this so many times in my life I confess, I do not even know the number.

God is alive, If people want to go look there are people all over been saying they have seen God. Are they all crazy? and if they are crazy, then what is the meaning of the things happening in the world around us? Is that normal? and if so My God what have we become?

I pray for us God, For all people, for all nations. I look at all countries and I see MANY ARE BLEEDING! But yet they all point fingers at America. help us God turn back to you. Help us seek your face Lord, and I pray you manifest yourself to many. Show them all who the LORD is in Jesus name Amen!

GOD, we need your help down here! Send us your angels GOD! Send us your Wisdom LORD! Lead many to you GOD! Shine down your mercy GOD, WE NEED YOUR HELP! For your names sake! On the prayers of the Saints! On the Blood covenant. On the Blood of Jesus, on the blood of the innocence. For your truth oh God, For YOUR GLORY! for YOUR HONOR, We ask LORD come help us fight this battle, IN JESUS NAME AMEN!


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