Phone courtesy

Phone courtesy. I think people should be glad I do not host all family dinners all over the world because if I did many of you would die either from what I am about to say, or from starving and not being allowed to eat.  Sorry if you do not listen to my rules you do not need to eat I would say. Because seriously there would not be one cell phone on. There would be no facebook conversations. HEY TURN THAT OFF! WE ARE SITTING DOWN FOR DINNER!


Anything you were doing can wait. This is family time. Then most of the youth would really hate me because I would not even allow any of my kids on line until they were pretty much grown.  There is nothing children need to see on facebook. There is nothing online for you except maybe homework and even that is questionable and that is why they made libraries.


Then some parents even leave their kids unattended on devices which has got to be the dumbest thing in the world. with all the places they can get in trouble. Unless you are sitting down and standing over them, it is not a safe place to be at all. Even with parent controls on, kids are not dumb.  Best thing is not to even let them get involved in such activities.


A couple of times, I went to gatherings over the last few years and there would be thirty people at such events and all 29 of them were on devices. me being the only one not. I would think this is dumb. If I wanted to speak to you guys from a box. I would make a youtube video or message you, myself.  What is the point of a gathering when everyone is on devices?   NO THANK YOU! I can do that from the comfort of my on couch and so I did.


So many complaining they don’t have friends and neither will you either, if you can not get off your devices to communicate with the real world.  Things are becoming so in personal there was no point to this message except to say the ones who really love their family.  it is best to keep this stuff out of your household.


Families become divided when they do not eat together. They fall a part with out communication. And children are able to do all types of things when left alone on devices.b Just my advice to any who care, Have you seen the stuff that gets posted on facebook?  all types of porn and penis and jayajay and perverts and predators, and facebook is one of the better places they could visit what about all other spots?


Instead of try and make online the kids new babysitter, would it kill you to spend time with them? They are going to be grown before you even know it. Such a sad day when they are grown and you find it is the world that taught them. Don’t be mad if they come out like the world then.  I pray anyone out there remember family values, and the purpose behind them, in Jesus name Amen!


I did see the use of cell phones banned in certain activities lately, HIGH FIVE TO THEM! I do pray many people follow!


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