Pet Peeves or humor?

Some things I noticed in my life. These are just observations and honestly they annoy me, but at the same time when you start thinking of it, it is sort of funny, in a dark humor type of way.

So I am trying to be a leader. and I am trying to lead by example. Never will you see me say I am perfect!  Unless perhaps in a joke of some sorts. I of all people know I am not perfect. But I do know I go out of my way to be different. I put a lot of work in to do such things. This is example number one.


For a few years now I been trying to clean up my speech and for the longest I didn’t tell anyone I was trying to do it.  The things I noticed. All of a sudden people stopped cussing in front of me. In fact they even started apologizing when they cussed in front of me. And I asked quite of few of them why are you apologizing and all of them said well I noticed you don’t cuss and it feels wrong cussing around you. I would laugh and say, I am not your Momma  I am not trying to tell you how to speak. Either way, I genuinely think that is funny. Who would of ever thought people noticed such things.


Now the dark humor part. Certain people will notice you don’t cuss and then they push your buttons. it is like they are trying to provoke you to cuss, and the minute you do they all come at you like they are God. It makes me laugh!  Watch your mouth they say. Excuse me? look at who that is coming from? So every day of the week you cuss. You say ugly things, but I cuss once a year and all of the sudden I am the devil? This makes me sick to my stomach honestly, but at the same time laugh hysterically. Either way, please don’t correct me, unless you can put the mirror in front of your face and then when you are walking better, I will watch you and humble and that is just truth. I am getting older now and I am learning there is no stronger witness then doing what you preach. In fact when you do. You don’t even have to preach. Appears we all have eyes and we can see who people are.  We don’t need people telling  us that. That goes for me and everybody.


Anyways I laugh now. Genuine laughter. God has really been teaching me to humble, and the things that use to make me angry, make me laugh, and the things that use to bring me sadness are now replaced with joy. thank you God for these lessons! Either way I have more pet peeves to add to the list. but I am heading back to bed! I’ll write more about this later. maybe-maybe not. Just another random thought. Shalom!


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