Persecuted for the WORD

One of the sickest darkest comedies of the hour should be The persecution for the WORD. Please no body stone me. But I want to say this from the get go. This is just a random thought.  Now mind you, I am not making fun and neither do I think this to be funny. So let me say up front, I am not trying to be funny but. I been thinking.


So many people are being persecuted for preaching the Word. But you know who is persecuting people daily and getting away with murder with their words? Christians murder Christians daily. With the Word they slay each other. They stab at wounds. They throw stones at each other. Rub salt in your wounds. They condemn folks to hell daily. Even will tell you who is going to heaven. Does that make them God? They fight for hours with each other. This does seem to be the same with all people. Just an observation, I have studied almost every religion there is and in my observation I have noticed. There seems to be good and bad in each group.


Anyways there was no point to this but to say some may be beheading,  but others slaughter each other with their words daily. Even their actions. It is in a tad bit funny and sic at the same time but honestly not funny at all. Anyways in the past I would say to people.Not trying to be funny guys and they would laugh. is this funny to you my friends? please by all means think about it. Have a blessed day dear readers!


I love Jesus and I thank God for Jesus, for Jesus does seem to be the only truth, I seen and the guy didn’t really even argue!  He spoke to crowds and walked out!  Amazing guy that Jesus is! anyways I pray many of us find Jesus! have a blessed day dear reader.  Christ is a great message to listen to. I pray many people start reading their Word. Have a blessed day.

Just something to think about. Food for thought and prayerfully growth in being more Christ like! God help many of us look with in our own hearts, minds and souls and help many of us stand up right God. help us be doers of the Gospel, but not by men but by you God and your Holy Spirit with in us!
I really pray God just help many seek the Lord daily as it is written. have a blessed day family of GOD! and Shalom Brothers and Sisters! Written by A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes​, Just a random thought. I pray many consider such things! Please God help us to change our hearts, in Jesus name Amen!

Food For Thought

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