Part 3 side notes

Part 3. Side notes. Lean not on your own understanding!

Lean not on your own understanding. For many years I tried to like argue with God. I do not mean I did such things out loud. But I would try to reason things in my head. I would say things like, God that couldn’t be. Or that’s impossible God. I would question God. I think maybe perhaps even doubt. I am not proud of these things, But it is what happened.

I do not doubt anymore. Nor do I fret, or worry about such things like the future, But I do see if we do not think of our future, we may not have a future to speak of. But since many years ago God gave me a vision of the things that would happen.  and many visions since then. I spoke in faith, a few years ago not knowing the things I spoke of were in my Word. I had only been speaking according to the things I had been praying on and I heard God speak.

I had, had many years to know God does not lie, and no matter what I tried to reason or question, When God said it will happen.. It happens. Anyways this is just a short part of my testimony. I just learned the very hard way. Lean not on your own understanding, Put your trust in God. and I pray the ones watching and keeping up with me, will over time start to see things also. because when God does start revealing Himself to people, When you start reading your Word, You start seeing things a lot differently.

I have learned just to trust God. To try and walk in ways pleasing to God. To do things to make God happy. I have a lot of faith in God, but this faith was given through a lot of years, Seeing God and witnessing the power of prayer. Then reading my Word.

God is a great Teacher (THE GREATEST!) and can teach you like no one else. I love religions and Churches and all things in this world, Because it is all these things that have lead me to find truth in the world, and long story short. God is the only truth in this planet.

God does not want us to hurt and suffer in our sins. I will continue with this testimony another day. This was just a random thought to it all. lean not on your own understanding. Put the Wisdom of God with in you. How can you even comprehend how God thinks, or speaks if you are staying ignorant to such things?

If I told you of worldly (earthly) things and you do not believe how can you ever understand heavenly things? if you are in the world how can you know the things of God? Are the things of God written in the Word?

To know the WORD, is to know GOD also. It is wise to be of the WORD, then of the world . Please run to God, not away from Him. Put on your new skin! Things of God are made of His Word. I pray many find understanding in this, in Jesus name Amen!


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