part 2…a million things about you

I love a million things about you. I love the way you listen. I love the way you offer good advice. I love the way you think about my life. I love how you think about our future. I love that you pray for me night and day. I love a million things about you and can I have a minute or two? and I will speak them in the open, I will say them often! I will give you reminders. We can grow older together! When you get bored I will create board games, We can entertain each other. We can grow old together, only this way can I ever say all the things I love about you.


I love your perfume. I love your hair. I love all things about you. I love your cologne. I know not whether you are man or woman this is my love song for all in love. Let’s grow older together. Let’s stay together. Let’s get married, be committed and raise a family. even if no kids, let’s become one! Let’s build a castle. I love a million things about you. I love your skin, your smile. Just being with you is a constant delight. Even when things are not right, I take great comfort knowing you will be there with me. Knowing you will listen. Holding my hand, being with me every second. I love you for now and ever more.

God bless the people in love. May you grow together. may you become wiser. May you accomplish things. I pray God get you through all your storms and tribulations, and there be rainbows and many sunshine in your days!  I pray you write each other love letters, and grow old together. I pray you peace and joy and life and abundantly unto the reader. Shalom dear people! Selah!

Food For Thought

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