Part 2

PART 2 It is amazing what you can learn in the bible when you start reading it like a book. You start getting the full picture of things. I pray many people start reading the in between of the scriptures I, and many are sharing. It is great to get a verse or two, and God can use one verse to touch the heart of many, But seriously the hour we are living in, we should want to read the Word as a book. It makes a lot more sense then! Oddly if you use a dictionary and start looking things up, Makes a great deal more sense then people can even imagine. When you look at synonyms It is the same as when people go interpret them other langues.

American English it not English and when you start studying words you can see the American synonyms are basically the same as when Hebrew says one word has up to ten meaning. It is the same to say one American word can have up to ten synonyms. Seek to interpret tongues in your own native langue. Do you know I prayed for hours in my Holy Ghost. I even thanked God I prayed in it often. My God I had not even read the words of Paul yet, But somehow I spoke them perfect! AMAZING! That is a different part of the story we will get at a different day.


Over six years ago I was awoke, I was told it was time to start writing. When I was twelve God came to me in a vision. and showed me many things to come, all things came to pass except one, which I will not speak on anymore.

I run to God, I run from God, I run to God. back and forth This is how it was in my life. Only I never really all the way served. I was so ignorant to the Word. What a terrible thing, to be ignorant to the Word.. because honestly if I had been reading I would of ran to God many years earlier.

When I was twelve God showed me a vision of things to come. He told me I would have a hard life and when the time came I would speak for Him. I never even believed my friends. As time went by things started happening. God told me I would go back to sin. I thought it was the devil. What kind of God would say such things? But then I kept hearing this voice most of my life.

But people kept saying God does not talk to people. They told me I was crazy. I stopped telling people. but God did not stop talking to me. I just stopped speaking on it.. Something keeps telling me things, warning me, speaking truth to me. Do you hear voices? No, I hear God. One voice. not many.

God told me at the age of twelve I was going to go to jail, Again I thought for sure this wasn’t God. Why on earth would I ever be in jail? But then I tried to question God. I said God that can’t be, I love you I wouldn’t do such things. and God told me, “My child as sure as you hear this voice all things I showed you will happen.”

Part of me believed just a tiny bit, but then mostly I didn’t. He told me He was God. I did not see a person, So hard to explain. So I awoke and I ran and told my Mom, for the tiny bit of me that did believe. I had been fasting for three days and I didn’t even know it. I had gotten baptized in Jesus name for the remission of my sins. I got the Holy Ghost and I was just talking to God.

I stayed home sick from school. My Mom went to work and they thought I was sleeping. I was up their praying in my Holy Ghost. Crying and singing and just chatting away to God. I had a lot of worries. I gave them all to God.

Either way that was when the vision came. (I don’t really speak on it anymore. There is no point) But for the tiny bit in me that did believe, I went and ran to my Mom and revealed to her one thing the Lord revealed to me. The comment was classic, and I wonder if my Mom ever remembered that conversation when it came to pass. I will never know that answer. My Mom passed.

But I remember her reply. “honey that was just a dream. God would not tell you things, He would not give such great detail. It was just a dream honey. God doesn’t talk to people.” Either way I kind of agreed with my Mom at first. I mean most of my vision sounded crazy anyways. I was twelve what did I know? I believed my Mom. But I could not stop thinking about it. “When the time comes you will understand.” Them words haunted me so many years.

God I would pray. You got the wrong person. I complained to God once, Ouch that hurt. Things got so much worst. Black clouds black clouds. They were my tribulations. So much pride. I should of lowered myself before God. But I would not, I hardened my heart. As God did say, sure enough, I went back to sin. What kind of God would reveal himself, then allow all the things that happened to me to happen? There is no God. I will not even believe that dream. it was a lie, I knew it was the devil. ouch! Painful lesson! God does not lie my friends! if God says it will happen, IT HAPPENS!

Ughhhh all of a sudden. it came to pass. I go to jail. Just as God said. Wow man, How could this be? How could I end up here? Now it has been, so many things have happened from my vision, and God wasn’t lying this stuff was terrible. He said, “I would suffer,” That isn’t even the word for it! What the hell? I am cursed. Why God would you allow this to happen? <– That is really old thinking. I THANK GOD FOR ALL THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE! FOR HE ALWAYS KNEW HE HAD THE VICTORY! and used all my hardheadedness to bring me to Him. AMAZING! I laugh so hard now. I know why. I was suffering. I was sinning. I don’t know, when I sin I was and still am punished. Sin comes with punishment on this world.

I make a joke but it is written God chasten the ones He love most. I must be His number one or something! This is not true, truth be told, I was sinning, my friends, and I was being punished and trust me, I did know what I was doing. I wrote part one of this, and in it I wrote. I pick and chose the things I would walk away from.

I thought I could make deals with God. Like God I am not going to lie anymore. But I am still going to punch people. Slowly one by one God started breaking everything with in me. until I stopped, and I am hard headed, God doesn’t want you sinning and when you are sinning and bad things start happening. it could be God wants you to wake up before you die. Wake up and do good. wake up and lean on Him, Wake up and read your Word. Wake up and call on Him. Repent is what God wants. He wants people to live.

Sin is killing us. It kills people. it leads to pain and torment and torture here on this very earth. I will do another part of this later. An amazing story of what happened in jail and why I thanked and thank God for it all! There are many parts of this story. They will not be in any order. I just write what is in my mind. But I am not ashamed to confess the great great deal of things the Lord has delivered me from. I was not born holy. I am that sinner, God shed a lot of mercy on.

I think He had pity on me. Because nobody can probably be as foolish as me. How many times will I keep hurting, before I put Him first? How many times will I go back to my own vomit before I call out to God? I apologize. I don’t have a beautiful testimony, But in the times we are living, I would say I am thinking there are a lot of former mes in the world. and my heart cries out to God for you. I have shed so many tears for your soul and mine also. God is going to make those tears count! . I will speak and pray all my foolishness and folly, God find a way to use it all for His glory. Help people serve you wholly Lord, let it bring many people to you God, in Jesus name Amen!

If God can fix somebody like me. He can fix anyone! and I do believe this is the truth. But you, have to lean on God on your own, because it is all about that free will people. No need to argue names. I am going to bring it back to the beginning. Adam and Eve disobeyed God. THERE WERE CURSED, AND THE WHOLE WORLD WAS PUNISHED!

Cain killed Abel. God told Him also, He had a choice. WE ARE THE SAME AS THEM! We have free will to chose, What God will we chose. There is only One GOD, and there is a place where others are going, and they can have all the gods they created. There is only one God who is going to get you in heaven folks. All eyes on Jesus. I truly pray someone out there, don’t be like the former me. Start reading your Word. God help many people go forward in Jesus name Amen!

I actually had a bible study planned to write up, but it turned into testimony. So I just went with it. I guess I will better prepare the bible study and just call this part 2 of my testimony. I pray people to not ponder on the foolishness of this message but find the Wisdom with in it, in Jesus name Amen!

Also i have looked through this about 4 times now looking for mistakes. There maybe one or two. I will come back and reread it later. Have a blessed day!


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