Lie to me please.

I never thought, I ever thought different then anyone. All my life all I have been looking for is honesty. For truth.  I don’t want to be lied to. Even if the truth offends me and I need to hear it. Let me hear it. I did think all people were  like this. I am…

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Part 3 side notes

Part 3. Side notes. Lean not on your own understanding! Lean not on your own understanding. For many years I tried to like argue with God. I do not mean I did such things out loud. But I would try to reason things in my head. I would say things like, God that couldn’t be.…

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Part 2

Jeannine Stokes 50 mins · PART 2 It is amazing what you can learn in the bible when you start reading it like a book. You start getting the full picture of things. I pray many people start reading the in between of the scriptures I, and many are sharing. It is great to get…

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Testimony PART 1

This is being carried over from facebook.   Jeannine Stokes 20 hrs · I am resharing this because I am going to write part two today or tomorrow, but there are many parts to this. I am a writer. I have been writing all over for God and for myself for a lot of years.…

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God or men?

If you spend your whole life worrying about what others think of you. You are going to have a sad life. There will always be people who do not like you for whatever odd reason. My life is devoted to making God happy, and when you are trying to make God happy it seems nothing…

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The devil

Just a repost of something I wrote, carrying over to this new page. Jeannine Stokes  The devil is real my friends. Something out there, and call it what you will, But it comes to make you hate, It comes to make you overdose on drugs, It comes to get you addicted. it comes to toss…

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The perfect couple

Now I must be some kind of special, But I am going to speak of my lifetime. maybe I am special, For I have met at least 1 million couples in my lifetime or more, and so many looking for made up things. I doubt many even know what love is.   So many live…

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Just some good advice, A different way of looking at things? I genuinely pray this help many think of things in  a different way of looking at things. and it bring you closer to God and Life on this planet! in Jesus name Amen!  

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Love honesty

Please don’t hate me for my “thoughts”, But I seriously love people enough to speak up. So many women walking around seeking men, You cry when the man abandons you, but then I see women not even acting like women anymore. Women were not meant to cuss like sailors, act like whores, then claim they…

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