The perfect couple

Now I must be some kind of special, But I am going to speak of my lifetime. maybe I am special, For I have met at least 1 million couples in my lifetime or more, and so many looking for made up things. I doubt many even know what love is.   So many live…

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Just some good advice, A different way of looking at things? I genuinely pray this help many think of things in  a different way of looking at things. and it bring you closer to God and Life on this planet! in Jesus name Amen!  

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Love honesty

Please don’t hate me for my “thoughts”, But I seriously love people enough to speak up. So many women walking around seeking men, You cry when the man abandons you, but then I see women not even acting like women anymore. Women were not meant to cuss like sailors, act like whores, then claim they…

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I sit here tonight and today and lately and I have really been reflecting on life, and looking at things from many angles.  Just been noticing, I think maybe I might be getting a glimpse of be still and know that I am God.   Kind of amazing to just sit back and watch God…

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Liars and drug addicts.

You know many years ago I looked up the word definition to insanity. It might of said, “see insane” This part I can’t quite remember, nor do I remember the dictionary version, But this is a true story. I looked up the word and one of the meanings was, “to do the same thing over…

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Be Bold

I pray the Lord use many in ways they never seen before, I pray if your calling be to speak truths about politics, you speak loud and bold, I pray if your calling to be speak about herbs and medicines, you speak as you ought to be. I pray if your calling is to speak…

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Crazy Intro!

Sometimes many in life will judge the things you do. Life is hard. Long ago, I use to yell at people and tell them to change I use to say, If I can do it, so can you, Grow up baby. I have no pity. You would understand if you lived the life I lived.…

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