I sit here tonight and today and lately and I have really been reflecting on life, and looking at things from many angles.  Just been noticing, I think maybe I might be getting a glimpse of be still and know that I am God.


Kind of amazing to just sit back and watch God work. I don’t know how to explain such things. Who can explain God? To understand even slightly you have to be a person who prays and reads their Word, But God you are so amazing!  After all these years I am still in total awe with God!!!!


Sometimes, I think we as people tend to worry way too much. Not to say, I do not think it unwise to plan, but I can also see don’t worry about tomorrow.  You know, I think I see way more of a movement when I stand back and just say ok God and move on. Years ago I use to fret. I use to make myself sick with worry.


Then I prayed on it and God took it all away from me. That is so amazing! But then the problem becomes if you just sit back to much you get lazy and slothful and these things are not good either.  It is a good thing to work, and still be able to enjoy life. I think sometimes we as people over worry, but then many do not worry enough.


Why worry about tomorrow, tomorrow is promised to no man, Praise God everyday you wake up, tell Him thank you! For I have learned in my life, you can seem to always find someone who has less then you, and after you look at them you start thanking God for all types of things, even when you are down, Then it is like God sees and I don’t know, God does answer prayers. If you have all your hands and legs and you are standing with a guy with no arms and legs, how does your life look? (try googling(youtube-it’s a video) Nick, man with no hands and legs)


So many people speaking much the same thing.  I just want to tell God thank you for everything, even if I missed something, I am sorry thank you for all the unseen stuff also. I truly just thank you God. How wonderful you are! Anyways this was a a random thought.

Jesus can help the overworked mind. Cast your worries, and fears and burdens on His should in prayer and see if God does not answer, He did it for me, He can do it for you also! God bless everybody!



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