One scripture out of context.

One scripture out of context. You know I do not like to judge anything in this world, except evil. and by this I do not mean calling people’s sins out. I mean to say that I just speak truth of the things I say. I make mistakes in my speech.  My typing is not perfect. My message always is, start reading your bible. Start getting closer to God. Start praying.

Many people will use one scripture, and God is just so amazing!  Sometimes one scripture is all it takes to draw someone to God. AND THIS IS A GREAT THING! The thing not so great is, many are using their one or two verses to support things that are not biblical.

I can not stand arguing, and since my vocabulary is not real huge and I have not studied in fancy colleges. Many will use my speech to nit pick a word or two, and take you back and forth in a huge argument over one single word.

Now the whole speech can be true, but some how they can not get past one single word. Ever since I was a kid, I can not stand arguing. I do in fact run from such things. No thank you. Come back and speak to me when you are in a better mood. If I do not allow myself to be in arguments, it is even worst to be around them, when you are not in them.

Now I openly fully confess, for half of second I was deceived. I did try and stay in some of these bible debates, But then I started to see I was beginning to rise to anger. I thought to myself these things should not be. So I sat back and watched and it was even a sadder thing. To watch men and women of God have debates and arguing about God. Oh Lord have mercy on us. This seemed so wrong. So again, I ran away from such things.

It has come to the point where, I will not tolerate, or even entertain such things anymore. God said come out from these things. They are not Godly. They do not edify His Kingdom. Nor do they give Him glory. In fact to sit back and watch, if I did not know God it would of totally turned me off from even finding Him. These people are Christian? Well let me go hang with the sinners then.

At least they are open with their deeds. These people put on mask. The are wolves in sheep clothing. I would rather go run around with wolves then. No offense, and so then I did. But I did not belong there either. Sorry getting off of subject. Long story short, please whoever you are, if you are reading this today. Please start reading your Word.

The things people teach are not always wrong, but they are not always right either. Sometimes a verse or two has nothing to even do with the full Chapter, or full book. I don’t want to sit around and argue one verse or two, and for the most part my soul cringes when I hear.”let us reason” Because I have learned let us reason usually means let us fight, or find a justification to give permission to things we ought not be doing. I DO KINDLY SAY, NO THANK YOU!

I am not a Babe in Christ. I am a Woman of God, When I was a child I behaved as such. I did childish things. I hung around in arguments. I lost my anger. I did things just like the enemy. How can this be? You can not be of God and partake in things not of God, It comes a time when you turn your cheeks and walk away. Lord I put my trust in you God. I pray let me just keep my eyes on you Lord.

I pray God if they do wrong, you help them  Lord, if at all possible, in Jesus name Amen! I love when the people came to throw stones at Jesus, and He always managed to just leave before they hit Him. I am not Jesus, but thank you GOD for the powerful lesson! I pray anybody out there reading this get something out of this.

Seek the Lord in the dark and the Word says He will manifest Himself to you. Seek the Lord’s face and you will find it. Humble yourself before God, Repent, lament, weep and then smile and just know God forgives you, and start walking right with Him. GET BAPTIZED as THE WORD SAYS! Put the Word of God in you. Pray for understanding, strength, joy, peace, truth. pray and ask God to give you strength to turn around. Really, and let not your hearts be evil. God is real and He did come to mend the broken heart, to heal the wounded, to fix the broken. I pray many find the LORD, in Jesus name Amen! God loves you my friend! anything you did can be forgiven. God has changed the heart of many around, That is who He is! Let this message be a blessing to your soul, and I pray it draw you to God, in Jesus name Amen!


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