Not an angel

I am not an angel.   Nor am I a saint, neither am I the devil. I am a woman that has lived that life. I have been all over. I seen the street side. Been in the drug mentality. I know that life!  I did soooo many things under the sun, so many things have happened to me. Go ahead lets exchange stories. Let’s see if you can name anything I have not lived through. Hard to look me in the eye and say. “you don’t know my life”  Of please, I say. I start speaking they say dang girl, I am sorry!  Man, I am glad that didn’t happen to me. Oh yeah sorry them boo hoo’s won’t get you far here. That’s just excuses they told me. But they for real did not live my life.


Now here I stand many years later I look you in the eye Oh? Really? I don’t know your life? PLEASE TRY ME!  Anyways the pity party ends here. I speak truth loud and clear. I should of probably been dead over a million times now and honestly GOD is the only reason I am standing until this day. All them tears I cried in my closet. All those hours I sat, I never knew God heard me. I never thought I was worthy, but then I saw GOD was strengthening me. I am nothing without God. The Lord is my strength. My shield MY EVERYTHING!  God is all I know or trust, for when everyone in the world tossed me out GOD CAME AND BECAME MY FATHER!


He was with me in the wilderness. He walked with me in the valley of death. I dropped to my knees. I cried out to GOD AND HE HEARD ME!  God never forsake me nor abandoned me. I do not speak to exalt myself, but I pray a great multitude of people follow me and not to follow me, but drop on your knees and cry out to God. Get in your closets. Read your WORD. ask God for strength, do things pleasing to GOD!


Either way I pray many people find God..Find Jesus, get the WORD with in their members. I pray many churches repent. I pray many people repent. I pray many find God. Please don’t judge me, I myself just as every single person on this planet have to do things to make God happy. On judgement day all of us stand before GOD.   So I pray we all start looking to GOD. All eyes on Jesus!  Have a blessed day! I seriously pray this message help a great multitude of people sit at the Lord’s feet and do things pleasing to GOD. In the name of GOD AMEN!  Selah!  and seriously SHALOM!


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