Not a Christian

Sorry who this offends but as long as I have free will to use my brain I will. God bless everyone regardless. To all who follow me let me state this clear. I am not a Christian. I am not ANY RELIGION!!!, Truth be told God told me the truth about religion.What is a Christian? (please nobody answer me I heard it all before and also read my WORD on the matter) Christians don’t even know this answer. Then the ones who say they are Christian they act like the devil. (most not all) I don’t believe in religion. In fact religion can be called the antichrist. and that is a true comment.

But I do love God and often I attend church, but not just one religion. I love God. Why all the labels? I want no part of labels. Christianity IS NOT THE ONLY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY! and more then half the world does not even know who JESUS is and this BE TRUTH I TELL YOU!

Either way don’t let my simple speech fool you, I may look all types of under educated, which I may be, but trust when I say am a studied person. People were not to be judges my friends. Only God is the judge. Oh yes, but that is not a message most Christians want to hear. But they don’t really know God either.

Anyways I don’t have to act like your religion. I don’t have to dance like a monkey, because you say dance. I have a brain and since I do study and I do have eyes to see how Christians behave, I truly without a doubt want nothing to do with these people.. To me the new Christianity means to act like an animal or display animal like qualities. Almost like a mark of the beast or something. I mean no offense at all, but I am without a doubt a woman fed up of all the labels.How come I just can’t be called a woman who loves God? Or even Michelle will do!

God bless everyone and I don’t mean to hurt any feelings when I say I AM NOT A RELIGION! Neither am I AGAINST JESUS! I LOVE JESUS! I love JESUS enough to speak truth about JESUS! and try in all my ways to be like Him. Jesus said if you follow in my WORD you will be my disciples, Well thank God all the Christians don’t call them disciples. Thank God for only allowing them to blasphemy a tainted name, because followers of JESUS do seem to act a certain way, but Christians??? again I want nothing to do with your religion!


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