No faith?

I once was down in my life. I needed change. Things were not right. I had no options where I stayed. I needed change. So I prayed. I left a town and went to a place I knew nobody. I have faith. I told everyone I was leaving. They said I was crazy. You can’t do that. I took the money I had, it was a small amount. I paid for a hotel and I told everyone God will provide.


Again these people said that is not possible. What are you doing? Again they said you are crazy. I moved in on Friday I prayed. God help me find a job. I got one the next day. The job was terrible.  It was hard labor and paid no money. I prayed. I said God I can not complain, I thank you for getting me a job so quickly. Again I say the next day I had a job, but I told the Lord God I can’t do this. I mean I can but I put all things that happened in prayer. I need more money. I need something different.  The next day I went to work again and they said Michelle the woman we are looking for. I said Really? They said yes. We have a job position open making 16 dollars an hour can you start tomorrow? Not even three days later the Lord took care of me. I was blessed with a job that was not much, but I was thankful. I made my petition known and the next day God blessed me with a better job.


I am a woman who believes. (prays) I have faith way bigger then a mustard seed.  Faith can move mountains. Woman where is your faith? I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!   God is GREAT!


No matter what people tell you, or what your eyes see, get in your closet and pray and watch God do amazing things. Oh ye of little faith. Where is your faith? I pray there be a new generation who prays and sees miracles from God and that it make a strong nation of people rise up and overcome doubt, in Jesus name Amen!  Have a blessed day dear readers. Shalom!

Food For Thought

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