No emotions? kind of scary!

I saw something and heard it elsewhere. I heard people say don’t preach us your emotions. The comment was not aimed at me. But it really stuck in my head. Do these people read their Word? The bible is covered from beginning to end, (We won’t even mention Old Testament) but just to say such a thing to me, is almost the same as confessing I don’t read my bible?

Has anyone even seen Jesus? He wept. He grieved. He flipped over money tables? Don’t preach your emotions? Ok  I am sorry, can you further explain this to me? How do you cry out the world is going to end? Do you think Noah preached His emotions? or you think He was softly whispering to people?


How does one give a woe speech? Do you think that is softly spoken? Do you think the people in the Word of God were happy when they suffered them pains and sorrows? is the joy of God real?  Did Jesus weep? Just in awe at the comment. I have been thinking on it. Anyways just a  random thought.


Jesus had a lot of emotions. Final thought!


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