No comforter?????????????

Just a random thought.. Should be sleeping, but sitting here thinking about life and how grateful I am. I am not where I want to be, but so much better then I could be, and better then I have been in the past. Been thinking about the Lord a lot which is normal, but just really been looking back and seeing how good God has been to me all these years.

I love Jesus and honestly, I even love Christians, but more so I just love people. All long time I was full of hate and bitterness and I was depressed and hated myself and life and so many things have happened to me and I have overcome. But when I really look back, I can see I myself never overcome anything.

It has always been God who carries me through the storms. prayers that have been answered and God’s comforting WORDS! So many speak of GOD as a she or he and I confess many times I do the same. God is a spirit that is invisible and when people consider such things can a spirit have a sex?

I have a different comprehension of the Word then most, but I do see a few with the same as me, but very rare honestly. I love church and I love religion, but honestly the truth of it is sometimes religion, can be a stumbling block to the lost. Trust me, I know I was one of them and I know a lot of lost people and most are lost because of many’s religions.

I am not anyone’s religion, I am not your granny, or your mother. I don’t know what your preacher tells you, I am not them. But since I have been on both sides of the fence and I have been a stranger from the outside looking in. I have a lot of understanding some don’t.

God allows people to suffer sometimes, because some people God knows will make it through. Not all of us are made the same and neither will all of us live through the same thing. and the ones who make it do become a great testimony for others, to inspire LIFE to others because that is how God works.

You can take two people and chop off their legs in the same manner and one will lay down and die and give up, but yet the other works out, gets a limb and wins an Olympic race.

We can all say we are the same, but that is not the truth. We are all people, but not all the same. Some people give up, some don’t, some try harder then others, then there be those who never even put their foot in.

Many times in my life I been called strong, but that is a joke. I am weak, but the only thing between me and some is I pray. I pray often. In the night, in the day.. when people are watching, and even when they are not, and honestly when I sit and look at my life, I believe that is what makes me different from them. (not better, just different)

I fully confess a life without prayer. a life without my Word. a life with out God and I hurt and I had no comforter. and quite honestly it sucked!! and never do I want to go back to a life without God. For once you taste the goodness of God who wants to ever give it up??

We all run from God and we hurt and suffer then actually have the nerve in the same breathe to say such things as why God? why? Well again, I openly confess I did such things. But now that I am older, I am honestly just so thankful God showed himself in my life. Honestly all I had to do was seek the Lord with my whole heart. I never even knew that was scripture. In fact when I started reading my Word, it made my whole life make sense.

Anyways, I have took many beatings for speaking how I speak. for not backing down, for not abandoning my faith. But God never abandoned me, and I do not want to abandoned God either, but instead speak of His goodness and mercy. God gets angry too and I do speak on that also, but those are the messages people don’t want to hear.

With God being the judge and knowing all sin is punished, I just pray I can encourage some lost people out there who are hurting and struggling to find God. God is real my friends and so many speak of judgement they forget how big God’s love is.

Too much sugar kills!! candy coated doctrines are hazardous to one’s soul, But too much salt is not healthy either. I pray I can give the proper blend of seasoning to all, so we can get some good old wholesome healthy living.

The Word of God is my daily food. It is my manna. It is my meat. It is my daily bread. It is my living waters. it has everything I need to make sure I get a “WELL” balance meal. I love you precious Word of God! How WONDERFUL you are!

What a lovely way to end this random thought. Have a blessed day or night whatever it is when you read this. Shalom and I pray the peace of God comfort your heart, mind, and soul and the Lord draw you into Him and just keep you and embrace you with his love! That is my prayer for all. <3 Have a blessed day family of GOD! 🙂

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

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