Lord thank you for waking me and us and many people in the world. For the ones who did not wake last night. I pray you give the remaining family who is alive a peace of mind and comfort so that they may live. For Lord so many can not continue to live after one passes on. I pray you give people strength to be at peace of all things. Today someone did not wake up and their family has suffered a lost.

I pray many start to become at peace with life and death. for God did Created us to live and die. That is how all people were made. A long time ago we use to be taught and even now in other countries they teach death is not to be feared. Some even consider it a blessing to die for noble causes. I pray many people just look at life as what it is. It is a gift from our heavenly maker. The bible teaches you how to be at peace in the world and I truly pray God help many find God’s spirit with in us. The one that was breathed with in us as Genesis Chapter 2:

7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

I pray we do not be like Cain, but choose to do good as stated in Genesis Chapter 4:6, (should read full story) I also pray God breathe with in us new LIFE, a new mindset. as said in Ezekiel Chapter 37, but more so the whole book) These are my prayers and I prayed them many years ago and they are being answered I see it all over! Praise GOD! (Yah!) JESUS! They are ONE! GOD bless us family in GOD and Brothers and Sisters in Christ JESUS!

Written by Michelle Stokes (clickable link, follow me on facebook) for the glory of GOD!

Examining the Word

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