Never give up hope!

Dear reader, whoever the Lord leads t read this. I pray you never give up hope.Many people out there are struggling with addictions. Your struggling with temptations, your  sin.  I can not judge any.  Nor do I want to.  So many judges there are, let them judge.


I am not a Christian, but at the same time I am.   BECAUSE I LOVE THE CHRIST MESSAGE!  I love Jesus. What is with all the labels? I am just a woman who loves GOD. I pray any one out there hurting or crying, I pray the Lord manifest the Holy Spirit to you and just find you today.  I pray you seek the Lord in prayer, and just draw near to God my friends. Let the Word of God cleanse our hearts, our minds, and souls, and I pray it bring the reader to LIFE. I don’t care your religion, or your color. or your dollar amount. Truth be told I don’t know who is reading and who’s not. I don’t even know that there be readers. I honestly don’t check my numbers very often.


God knows your heart, God knows your sin, and I pray many people fall in love with Jesus and that we do things to make God happy. I apologize for my beliefs, but I believe Jesus when He says I and my Father are ONE. I pray many people chose LIFE, and to be free of our sin.  GOD is the POTTER, only GOD can breathe LIFE into the hearts of many.  I pray God find your heart today my friends, and Jesus is the heart of GOD, I pray many come to understanding any who will hear, Have a blessed day dear reader, and I pray God draw you to His wisdom and knowledge and understanding according to the WORD, of the WORD!  Have a blessed day family in God, it can also be called the Body of Christ!  let us do things to make God happy, and as God said to Cain and also if people incline their ears to JESUS, it is all about free will. If you do good shall you not be rewarded? Please do not take my word but let each man, woman and child put our eyes, hearts, and minds on GOD, and the WORD. Have a blessed day dear people.

Food For Thought

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