My Sheep hear my voice

Michelle Stokes

My sheep hear my voice! Does any believe it to be coincidence God called His lost, sheep? Sheep tend to wander from the flock, but when they are gathered they are easily kept in the gate.

Sheep will not come to any other then their master. Even sometimes then, when the master calls they wander off and the Lord does go after them. I pray many seek the Lord, but that the Lord search and seek for any lost also.

I speak as I am the voice of God. God is calling you to green pastures. God is calling you to dinner time. To eat in His pastures. To drink His waters. To be His Sheep. to grow and transform into men and woman of God even Shepherds to be in charge of flocks them self.

I pray many examine the Word and to you I tell you, read Ezekiel Chapter 34- 37. I also pray you examine John Chapter 10. The whole bible is good for edifying! As all scripture is God inspired! There are many who will come and lead you all kinds of ways. I pray many follow JESUS! As the Word says. There be many who can teach and preach the Gospel and all these things are edifying to ones soul. Just remember no man is above GOD, as we all give our honor, respect, to GOD, and listen to people who walked longer with the Lord, For many of these people know God and genuinely are trying to help us get in God’s Righteous Holy way of Living!

I pray that we all become on one accord all according to the WORD, in Jesus name Amen! Now I might not be a preacher, or a teacher. But I am indeed a woman who loves and fears God with my whole heart, mind, and soul. I seek His living waters daily. I praise the Lord Always and any who wish for a companion on their journey, I pray you kindly send me an invite. But I am leery of strangers on my page, as such, if you send a friends request you become a follower, for honestly I am so comfortable, worshiping and praising God without anyone following me. (All my post are public, I invite you to share also!) I just do this in case it be a help meet to any. My words have been promised to not come back void and I have entirely way more faith then a mustard seed. So I invite any lost or struggling to stay on the Right path to add me as a friend and lets us walk with God together. That is all Brothers and Sisters In Jesus Christ. I say Jesus for Christ is not the last name of Jesus, they are ONE Shalom family in GOD!


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