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There are a lot of changes going on in my life and how I write and what I do. For those who just joined me. I am a writer, author, although not published, soon about to be, though.(and am at the same time too.) I am a counselor, a motivational speaker, I love God. I am also a preacher and teacher for the Lord. While I am not going to list my future plans to the public. I will say this is a growing work in progress. Every day my messages are not the same. Sometimes they are religious. Sometimes they are for addictions. I like to promote exercise, a lot of things motivational. Some times they are testimony. Sometimes just song and praise. also pretty famous for my random thoughts which do happen a lot. also will be going to more video soon.


I apologize to the ones who are offended by God, But man if I listed all the things I am offended by and still have to see daily in my life……. Where would that get us?   I pray a lot of us just get over hurt feelings, and you can look past my God (but also unto God -Jesus) and see I am just a person like the rest of you. So many want to be treated a certain way, We all crave to be loved. I am not particularly rude to any.  I have randomly unfriended people on facebook in times past. But trust when I say it was not because I hold hate, or any hurt feelings. I do not have to announce everything I do in public, Neither do I have to explain myself and that is truth. I am a humble person, and I am continuing forward, But for myself, I need to change the way certain things were happening.


Either way in times past, I can not understand, many want to friend me on facebook and I confess that is not really my style. I got up to many followers who all want to friend me on facebook but not hardly any who want to visit a page. and I am to the point I do not really mind, no body on my page, for there are many other ways to get my word out, but at the same time. I am not interested in a lot on my friends list. (speaking of facebook). Anyways in most of my post. I leave a link to find me. But I do have post out there with broken links. On my list of things to do-have fixed many not all)


I am looking into growth and perhaps even a business aspect of a lot of possibilities, for all things I do. I honestly am to the point I could use some workers, but that is another matter, again I will not discuss, but instead I say, stick around and see what I offer daily. perhaps maybe something can be motivating or even inspirational to you.


I also in real life am trying to move. so just bare with me and I thank you for reading and keeping up with me!  I pray my words lead many people to God, and prayerfully some type of growth. for God’s good, and our own too. Anyways I truly appreciate the ones who keep up with me and prayerfully soon you will even see me visit many pages. Just a lot of things happening. Just a little update!  God bless everyone! Have a blessed day in the Lord friends!  Jesus loves you!


A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes


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