My mind, random thought

You know I said something yesterday to one of my friends and I did not notice the reality of things, until I said it out loud. I said God is my best friend. I wrote many times I married God, but I didn’t really see the fullness of it all until yesterday.

I was talking to someone and I said God is my best friend. All the times in my life when people abandoned me, It was GOD who never left me, GOD who never forsake me! It was GOD who brought me through it all. You can ask the ones who know me. I talk about GOD twenty four seven. But the way I worded it yesterday, I been thinking on it a lot and it makes so much sense.

I said God is the one who gets all my time. I speak of Him all over, I praise Him, I worship Him. God is my speech night and day. I don’t even know any other way. Not even sure when this happened because I been thinking about it and I have been this way for years now. But apparently I did marry God in more ways then I thought.

For when couples meet and fall in love. it can sometimes be annoying to be around that person. We have all had them friends who fall in love, and they can not stop talking about their mate. Twenty four seven. Can you speak of any other thing? I can’t stop thinking about him or her, I just want to be around her (him). I can’t get enough of them. This is what couples in love do. Well in the beginning, for most this love fades.

But I been in this love for years now and it is not fading in fact IT IS GROWING STRONGER! Not even sure that is possible, but I realize why I don’t have a relationship, it is because GOD is my relationship.

Either way there was no point to this message just been thinking on it. I pray many people get a relationship with God, because it truly is the best thing in this world. Why do I talk about GOD all the time? It is because He is my best friend. He is the only one that never abandoned me. and I don’t know anything else. All them years in my closet I cried and prayed. I never even thought God heard me, my friends. I saw Him answer prayers of mine for many, but God wouldn’t do anything for me, was my thinking.

That was my former thinking, Either no matter what I prayed, My prayers were never in vain, and sometimes God does not answer things right away, Does not mean the answer is no, It may be that now is not the time. I learned a very long way to just TRUST GOD, no matter what. and this trust is what brought me to the life I live now. I am a loyal friend I have been loyal to many. But long ago I locked myself off from the world and I put my world into God and I do not know the world anymore.

I run from it. It is scary and dark and lonely. But lately God has been saying come out of darkness and bring the Light with you and fear not but shine for many. I would rather just lock myself in my house and be totally about God, I have done this before and it truly was PURE HAPPINESS!

I pray everyone out there have a blessed beautiful day, and no matter what your relationship be. trust me when I say it is cold and lonely with out God, So I pray many take GOD with them on their journey in life, in Jesus name Amen! Again this was just a random thought. There was no point to it. Welcome to my mind.


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