Motivational LIFE Speaker

A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes
Make a wonderful noise for God. if you are alive today that is enough TO PRAISE GOD! As long as you are alive their is hope for you. there is a chance for change to happen. Change your lives my friends. I couldn’t and can’t and won’t do anything without God!!! but if the people want to do those things then I wish you all the best luck. But my God does not deal with luck. God speaks and it IS! and that is WONDERFUL!


I was broken, I was down, I was lost. I was suicidal friends and all these things GOD did take from me. I wish I was lying, but not really because THAT WAS A SAD LIFE. But honestly for just the sake of people who aren’t as happy as me, I say man I once was you guys. I was down in the dumps. Down in life, feeling like there was no hope for life. I called out to God. i cried out to God. I thought there was no hope at all. God heard me friends! JUST LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS! So please don’t hate me for taking my Savior with me!

Life is full of ups and down and that is LIFE my friends. I told people I am not a preacher I am a Motivational LIFE speaker. But I have God in me daily so sometimes I sound like a preacher. if you want me to preach in your church I WILL! But other then that I am on my own path. I pray my God does not become a hindrance to anyone, Because I know in today’s times not a lot want to hear about God. I am all about God and for that I AM NOT SORRY! I was sorry without GOD and that is truth friends!!! so allow me not to apologizing for loving God daily. it is who I am!!! and who GOD created me to be and I AM SO THANKFUL FRIENDS! More truth! 

I pray I can speak a word to be a motivation to people in all kinds of hour. I won’t be anyone’s crutch, but I will speak wisdom and what you do with it, that is indeed up to you friends! I pray my words bless and motivate millions, for thousands of generations through all types of season and that they be a wonderful witness for God and to you and unto LIFE my friends! God be with us, help us rise up a generation that is all about God’s Holy Wisdom! have a blessed day friends and I pray God give many strength to over come all things in their path to LIFE! May God add unto God daily and multiply God’s fruit here on earth as it is in heaven friends and that is my prayers! Be blessed Shalom!  A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes.


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