Mocking GOD- False Teachers

The House of God is mocked. The House of God is not even real. The tithes go for things that ought not be. If there was a famine who would even feed my people? Not I says any of the shepherds. For they sit self exalted. asking for tithes but they are not stored for the hungry. They will not shelter any if the drought comes. For they all speak. Come Lord, come quickly and they speak of a next life. They will even justify leaving many to die in hunger. Then they would laugh and mock them and say to their false god I am so glad I am not one of them. These things are not right by God and neither should they be.

In the Word of God when an old covenant was not kept God came and made new ones. They bow to false images then they speak in the same name of a god they do not even know, then they say God will honor such things. But these men do not know God. Nor do they speak for Him. They reject God and all God’s promises. This generation is no different then many before. Nothing new is under the sun.

Anyways a new day is here and so many do not believe. I could care less anymore. For I am not Jesus, neither will I let the people mock me. So many have come and tried to prove me false. With your fancy words and your evil intentions, and their hearts were wicked and God did know this.

They sing to God for praises of men. They exalt each other, they keep the people in bondage, trapped kept slaves to religions, and the lies of the world. Jesus came to set the captives free. and God spoke as He did before. LETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY PEOPLE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I pray many find the meaning in this message for I will no longer speak in mysteries or puzzles, I have also spoke clear, but neither the speech or the ways matter for the people reject the knowledge. They pick and choose what they wish to believe and now the time is and has been where you can not fake God, neither can you fool Him.

I apologize for the ones who hold hate and anger and jealously in their hearts. That is wicked thinking my friends, a battle of the flesh and who will overcome? Not many. I apologize. The path is indeed narrow and so many following false shepherds, but this is what their hearts desires, So the desires of their hearts they will get.

I pray many people come to God and that the shepherds who lead people wrong REPENT, in the name you guys preach and speak in. Be the Shepherds God intended. I suggest looking at that tithing message you guys keep preaching for what were tithes intended for? Would be a dreadful day if the preachers and teachers collected money under false pretenses. What will become of the people? and God does know!

I pray people REPENT! The sinners, the shepherds and the whole house of Israel. in the LORD’s name I pray Amen!

I pray this open rebuke lead many shepherds to repent and do right by GOD, in the LORD’s name AMEN!

Message delivered by Michelle Stokes  Hate the sin not the messenger!


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