Men advice (man talk 101)

Men I love you guys. As a woman to a man, who most her life men have been my friends more then woman. I heard so much ummm “locker room talk?” in my life. I understand how most of you think. I heard many of your stories and confessions in the past.


The thing is most of you all make jokes when it comes to woman and their feelings. Man these feelings are worst then bombs and rule number one!!!!


Never offend the woman you are setting your eyes on to marry. Consider her feelings OFTEN!   I am speaking to couples who want to marry and stay married forever.  It is now time for us to return to things that make God happy. anyways. Men I know you have to be tired of “ho’s” and “tramps.” I hear you all crying. I wish I had a good woman. blah blah but you call them names? So confused!?!


How can you expect woman to act like ladies when you are not treating them as ladies? Please understand from an early age. “woman’s emotions are real”


I man who really is trying to win the lady, as tedious as it may be, must consider these feelings. Although they are tiny when they erupt, the will cause islands to explode.


It is important to pamper and nurture these feelings.  Consider what your woman thinks of you. This should not be the last thing on your mind.


There is so much more to speak on this subject but for now I will leave you with these two girl songs. Yeah, this letter was written by a female, so in order to get more information we have to hear girl songs!  YAY! YAY! Girl feelings are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Girl feelings ROCK! Yay!






To be continued!


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