masturbation vs fornication

I have been stepping away from the religious way of thinking.  I speak praying people use their brains.   Our souls are spirits. Our bodies are fleshy. A subject most churches do not want to speak on.  What is better to fornicate or masturbate?


No man has died of masturbating yet that I know of. But people are dying from having sex without marriages. (more then one partner)  I once told people they should masturbate then here come the churches to call me a devil.  Honestly to go without anything I suppose is the Godly message. and God can take away all sexual desires. I know this for certain because God did it for me. I didn’t want to masturbate or fornicate, I think they are both nasty, so I prayed for God to take away the desires and he did. Anyways people are not all the same and we are all not at the same part in our walk.


Either way instead of throwing a book at you and putting all these laws on you, I say start developing a relationship with God, and ask God to take away urges and honestly if you can not refrain and find a partner (wife) Maybe perhaps consider masturbating WITHOUT PORN!


I do say WITH OUT porn.  For porn puts images in your head.  makes you think of women in ways not natural. A lot of women will not even do the things in porn videos so to me it just seem wise if you must do what you do, do it without images. anyways pray on all things in the closet.


This was just a random thought. Take it whatever way you want.  Also feel free to label me anything you want. Trust when I say I have heard it before. God bless people and I pray God help many people move forward.  Baby steps moving forward is better then 10 steps moving backwards.Food for thought.




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