Marriage Restoration

Dear God I pray you help many overcome harden hearts. I pray you bring two people together united, on one accord, in one flesh, in one spirit, in one unity. To your faithful marriage. I pray you restore the houses of many God. I pray you restore marriages, Friendships. I pray take away our stony hearts God. help the people forgive. help the men leave their mothers and cleave to their wives, and the fathers start being fathers again God. and the ladies be ladies too. and help them be good for each other. teach them how to build each other up. Send them guidance so they can perform a new Kingdom united under you God. I pray for their strength, I pray for their wisdom. I pray you help them over come curses that can become when they sit and point blame at each other.

Fill us a with a new spirit God. help people grow in your wisdom. Nurture our families. restore our houses into your natural order God. and I apologize But in the beginning God did not create Adam and Adam, neither did God create Eve and Eve. and for the one’s who do such things according to the bible I read your hearts have been hardened also. and I pray for your heart too. God calls us out sin my friend. God did not say murder and continue in murder. God said do not murder, and God gives us power NOT to murder. You can say you are born this way and that is just not truth, but if you believe it so, then I pray God fill you with reality of the world and how God designed it. because indeed God did make Adam and Eve to fit each other perfect you can find this truthful when you study human anatomy.

I pray God restore two people together in one flesh and they become whole and God be with them and guide them and lead them in ways pleasing to God and that is my prayers for all. This is the beginning of a book I wrote. I will share pieces to it when I am lead and when given the chance I will print it and distribute it to many. I pray God bless a whole new nation of people and cover a multitude also. in Jesus name Amen! Be blessed dear readers Shalom!

You can find more pieces of this on my page, soon coming, and others like it and even different at A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes​! I will be added bible verses for this prayer on my page in a few days. (it is all ready added to my book) blessed be those who listen to God friends!


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