Marriage is Noble

Marriage is noble, but be there any noble men among us? For any man can sign a piece of paper, but what man be noble to shine compassion on their wives? To honor and listen and to uplift them? And what woman wants to submit to men that are not godly? For there be many men among us who do unspeakable things, that these lips will not mention but to say. There be some among us who will seek after any old thing.


They seek things like fornication, adultery, things that are pretty on the eyes, they even seek after girls that they know will not marry. These things are shameful before God, they ought not be mentioned either. But as such as the time we live in the world. Now I come to judge no man, but I pray against such things. I pray all people be noble, even so all people have free will.


The family is torn, we do not honor marriage, We do not seek God’s wisdom, we walk in disobedience to God’s Words. I pray many men be noble, many be wise by God. Many of us seek the Lord in all things, in the things we do daily. I pray any out there who want to just pray for people, and lift the Lord up daily and just sit with me, as we just put our eyes on God. For there be men, noble men among men, but who will be noble unto God?  I do not say I know such things, For such things are only for God to know.


I just pray no matter what any of us do today, tomorrow, and forever more. We do things to just make God happy, because happiness is without a doubt in all things Godly!  Have a blessed day friends!


I pray anything I write just bless the reader and the one’s who don’t even!  Thank you Jesus who God sent in love!  Everyday for many years, I have daily prayed and read my Word. I am not a religion, but they say if you want to do things good, hang around good people. I do not know the end, for I fully trust the Lord. Things worldly are worldly, and my eyes are on God.  If my words have helped you, or inspired you in any way, I just openly invite you to like my page (<—clickable link leading to my facebook page.) Please come and join my daily news feed! Lets draw closer to God daily together!. God bless us dear people! Shalom! Written by,


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