Lying deliverance

Yesterday I shared a question, in this article, Lies will catch you in snares. which is also a continuance of this, post, Kind “lies”. So God forbid I pass judgement without speaking an escape.  By this I mean a way to stop lying.  Going to tell you a true story.


I wanted to do by right by God, for God proved to me beyond a doubt God is real, So I wanted with all my heart to do the right thing by God. But Lord how can I even make you happy when I tell lies. So I started praying and asking God for deliverance.  I heard a voice. It said,”if you have to lie about it, then you probably should not be doing it. I said, Who said that?, hello? Hello?


Either way I had so many people tell me many things but how to stop lying, and none of them sounded good. I prayed for a few days to be delivered from lies. I even asked some people, How do I quit telling lies? You know how many people told me it was impossible not to tell lies. So I started crying to God, and this is just truth. Then the voice came.

For the next few days I kept wondering. Who said that? Then all I know is I was like well, where that voice came from? THAT SENTENCE WAS THE TRUTH! And I started listening. I stopped lying and about a year or so I thought nobody would know if I told a little lie. Boy but then that one little lie turned into 30 bigger lies, and honestly it was terrible. I repent Lord. I am sorry help me, I  don’t want to do this anymore, I always felt like God Himself was punishing me, because I had stopped telling lies for a bit then all a sudden one little white lie, lead to 30 ugh it was terrible. anyways to anyone who is trying to stop telling lies. I tell you the same I heard that day. If you have to lie about it. You probably should not be doing it.


God help many people be truth tellers Lord, give them strength to walk away from many things not pleasing to you God, in Jesus name Amen!  have a blessed day dear reader, and may the Lord be with a great multitude of people! Shalom! For further understanding of this post. feel free to click the missing stories I added in the beginning!  🙂  A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes


You know years ago if I would of been reading my bible, I would of knew lies catch you up in snares my friends, and that is truth even if you don’t want to believe. Have a blessed day dear people!

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