Love-Random thought

I once heard something. If you love something set it free and if it comes back it is yours and if it doesn’t it never was. I sadly believe this. beginning to realize my whole concept of love is made up. I only know God’s love, which is not bad because, some go a whole life and never find the love of God, so if it was between God’s love and man’s. I am glad God won!


Men don’t chase after ladies. That means they would have to say sorry. You might have to work on your relationship. Just from my life and the things I have observed in many relationships of others. people don’t care.  Years ago I use to see men who would do anything to get, and keep the girl, now it seems there is a new type of men who don’t want to work for anything, not even the love of their lives. Again just an observation I made.


If I had not been born in a different generation I might of thought the whole love thing was made up. Men in my day would do anything to keep their women and make them feel special. The new day men just treat women like whores.  I realize I don’t fit in this generation.


Relationships are like Galatians fruit of the spirit. There is a long suffering part. Through good times and bad times. Now a days everyone wants the good times and the minute problems arise, it is flee. flee and then pretend you can find a perfect relationship elsewhere, but there is no relationship in this world that is perfect. it is like the fairy tale Christian life most make up. Follow Jesus and you will have a perfect life. I don’t know what bible these people read, But God never promised anyone a perfect life, only His Spirit to get us through it.


Either way until people realize life has issues that need overcoming, Relationships have problems that need to be worked out, and perfection is in God,  when we come to understanding in this, only then will we stop chasing circles of happiness that never come to a head,  but keep ending in despair.


You can’t run from problems. even if you can what will you do? Run the next time there are problems too? Can’t always run away, because no matter where you go in life, some way or how, conflict will happen! there is no perfect life. No perfect relationships. Everything in this world requires work and unity or comprehending or forgiveness. The morals of the bible get you far if people really apply it. But the world we live in. We would all rather keep running away and being miserable and seeking happiness all in the same cycle. How tiring!!! Man, I am exhausting just writing about it!! So on that note I am logging off. have a blessed day or night dear reader! may the Lord help a great multitude of people learn to grow up and start facing some responsibility, like working out relationships and being grown up. Grown folk hour! real talk! Shalom! <3


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