Love honesty

Please don’t hate me for my “thoughts”, But I seriously love people enough to speak up.

So many women walking around seeking men, You cry when the man abandons you, but then I see women not even acting like women anymore. Women were not meant to cuss like sailors, act like whores, then claim they want love in the same sentence.

Long ago I was taught you are who you hang with. My Mom use to tell me if you act a certain way you will be treated that way. it is not cute to use your body to get men. Wear little clothing, then wonder why you got dumped six months later. It is because you were never taken seriously in the first place.

I pray women learn to put some clothes on. It is not sexy to act like a boss b word you ladies label yourself as. It is trashy and nasty and it gets you no where except crying in your closet. Yeah I see you woman acting all hard. You are the very same ones who hug the pillow crying why won’t he love me.

Women are women for a reason and maybe if we started acting like women it would force the men to be men. anyways why would you want to put a female dog label on yourself? I am not a dog. I am a lady, and until you start acting like a man go sleep on the couch.

Learn to put some self worth on yourself. Get some self esteem. I see so many women who think you need a man to be loved. How about you love yourself first. Younger generation wake up. You guys are just a cesspool to diseases and such. Learn to seek love, not lust and seriously for God’s sake put some clothes on. Get married, stay faithful, be committed.

Babies are being molested and raped. So are women too. Put some clothes on. Leave something for the imagination. I love you enough to tell you. I hope these words do not offend anyone, but if they do. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! THE TRUTH ONLY HURTS IF IT IS TRUE!

Go put some clothes on, find some morals, and Jesus! have a blessed day! I love you! God loves you more!


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