Life or death?

I pray many people read the message written attached to the photo and that you do what your own consciences and hearts tell you, and if your hearts be evil. I pray the Lord give you a new heart to make a sound mind decision in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people! <3

A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes

I share these and I want many to think on Proverbs 15;11. Hell and destruction are before the LORD then if you notice, there is a : and then a question, how much more then the hearts of the children of men?

It is a sad day when hell and destruction are before God, but yet men’s hearts are still not. Do you know if your heart is not on God, hell and destruction are our destiny? Do you know that you can be destroyed before hell even comes? and also pride brings destruction and a haughty spirit falls. So if our hearts are not before the LORD, does that mean we have pride? Are we at all haughty, to not seek GOD?

I pray many people wake up.The world wants you to know now is the time, but yet Jesus spoke no man knew the hour. In the past a lot of bad things happen when we do not obey GOD, Or when we walk around prideful acting like GOD is not real.

So before destruction it be wise to speak instruction, on ways to avoid such things. If their be any hope in this world. The hope is Jesus. If we all walked as Jesus did we would be saved. But that is a hard message to receive, if we do not read our WORD. For so many preach and teach things we ought not be. They preach things that do not edify LIFE, NOR GOD. Just about a world we do not live in. Which without a doubt a one sided message message.

Proverbs 16:18 King James Version (KJV)
18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

The more you read the more you see. The more you read the more the Holy Spirit reveals..

If nobody knows the hour, and God does not come tomorrow, what a world of trouble we will be in! I chose to trust GOD, it is written where man fail, with GOD all things ARE POSSIBLE!

I do not claim to be all knowing, for the bible I read says God is all knowing. I do not claim to know what will be tomorrow. For tomorrow is promised to NO ONE! But I do know here be some facts and truths. If we all be quiet, if everyone looks the other way, then the world will end. and not even like the men imagine. I had a vision of it and trust me when I say I believe GOD, I had many visions and all came to be true. I won’t even speak on them anymore, But to say you guys (all of us) without a doubt, we ought to act like GOD came in times past and has said, FEAR NOT.

We ought to speak up and do the righteous thing. Not for men BUT FOR GOD, AND BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO MY FRIENDS!

In the beginning of the bible Adam and Eve all pointed blame at everyone, or something else and they were cursed. Until this day pointing blame on everybody just keeps us in curses. because then the problems never get solved. Nobody has to take responsibility for their actions. Nobody has to put the mirror in front of our faces, and look what pointing blame on everyone is doing to us.

in the Word of God it is written that old serpent, who has been deceiving many since the beginning. Until this day it’s still working. We all need to look with in my friends. get a voice, get a conscience. get a heart, repent! Talk to God! Do things to make God happy!! Apply the WORD and we WOULD SEE CHANGES! Truths I tell you! I do suppose this is without a doubt the reason the devil keeps us all from reading our Word. You know another definition for devil can also be ,one who sows discord my friends. I pray many look up the word meaning, and even more repent my friends. Do things to chose LIFE! GOD-JESUS! For narrow is the path to LIFE!

God bless us all and I pray many people jump on train to the path of LIFE, Jesus says Follow ME! God is the only way my friends. If you can not honor ten simple commandments we will die. If we can not learn to forgive.The world will keep killing. If we do not sit and listen to Jesus, there be no hope for us. and since many people don’t even know the truth of the rapture, and more then half can’t get their facts right. or even bother to read, what a sad day it will be for many if we do not obey God, my friends.

I pray many of us run to God, then we would see the fullness of GOD. or if at all bare minimum, use common sense, and do the right thing my friends! not to be selfish or vain, but think of God’s creation. Treat people how you want to be treated is still a golden rule! God bless us Lord, and help many of us walk upright God, in Jesus name Amen! Not for the church building but for people who God did make! Without people there will be no churches so which seem better to fix? churches or people? Let me say long before Churches were created, GOD CREATED MEN TO MAKE CHURCHES! So which be top priority to GOD? I will leave that to your own conscience to consider. Take all things to bible reading and prayer. Have a blessed day dear people! Shalom!

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