LIFE. There is a lot of things need to be considered. I know many of you have not read your Word, and there is something Jesus wrote the says for what you do not know, I will not hold you guilty of. But He also said, He came so their would be no more cloak for sin.
He did come and speak to the sinners, and the ones over us all. In fact, He walked and spoke to all man kind. He recognized speeches and gave each man a message that would save them according to their deeds, You can see one’s intentions real clear when you start reading the Word.
For the Word of God is the discerner. (THE JUDGE! THE FATHER! THE WORD!) It teaches you the thoughts and intentions of each man. It is a Book of instructions, it is the Book of LIFE also. it is also the Book of the dead. God is GOD of the Living and the dead. He is the ONE who has say over our souls.
So many will not even see in the last three paragraphs, do you know how much WORD is written? and the sad fact is most won’t, and honestly that is the same reason nobody knew JESUS when He came either.
People really need to consider some of the things I say. God had people write in a book. Is oddly filled with a lot of truth. The bible was and is a instruction manuel on how to live longer on this planet, also instructions on how to get to heaven. God never really wanted anyone to perish. Sin kills us. it destroy us and so many people think God made these rules to punish us, but honestly it is QUITE THE OPPOSITE! but yes sin is punished and honestly for our own good.
Since so many don’t even bother to read their Word, you get all these misconceptions of who God is. There are so many bible scholars and religions. God bless them all and He did! and I pray He still does.
I am not coming against anything in this world. Not the government. Not the laws. not anything above us. I know the only way there will be any change is through God. So I do tell everyone please leave them people alone. If we all tried to just worrying about being people who make God happy, the rest of everything else will follow.
I am sorry for the one’s who do not want to believe in God, that is fine, you indeed, are entitled to your own opinion. But whether your opinion be true, because it is not. it is just a thought. The WORD of GOD TEACHES US FACTS! IT TEACHES US TRUTHS!
I mean anyone with eyes who really reads it, how can you call God a liar? Well you better open your eyes and think more simple then, Start thinking like sin kills us. What is sin? Take a good look around.  I know by now, at least almost every person who is walking on this planet has heard about God. or sin or good and evil. What is sin?
Sin is the things killing us. people say we do not have to get married and stay committed. Really? Then why are there so many sexual transmitted diseases my friends? Why is almost half the world running around in pain wanting to be with somebody? because it IS HUMAN NATURE FOR PEOPLE TO WANT TO MATE AND BE LOVED! THEY WERE CREATED THAT WAY!
God had people marry so they could take care of the nature side of human, and not be in sin while they do. because sin leads to death. Fornicating is a sin. The marriage was suppose to be sacred before God. Because when you make God promises to honor your spouse, it is honor to GOD and GOD honors things of HIM. a woman was made for a man. They complete each other.  
God’s whole family had a purpose. We were suppose to help one another and work and grow and all things God said to do. So many things people argue what is sin what is not. Here is the stone cold truth the things that are sin are written in your Word, No way? YES SERIOUSLY! IT IS TRUE!
It is in your Word, and if you think of God who loves us, GOD OF LIFE! GOD OF TRUTH! God with in us my friends. I don’t really have to tell you what is sin. Your own conscience mostly guilts you. Now some have found ways to turn such things off. It is because they are truly wicked. But indeed anytime a man or woman or anyone wanted to repent. THEY COULD!
But that is the thing. NOT ALL MEN WILL REPENT! When I say men, I mean people. Women are not above anything. ONLY GOD IS ABOVE US! He is above all people. I really pray many people open their eyes. because I could speak of so much sin, but I think people get the point.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, and God could come tomorrow. so honestly it really is time for everybody to act like they want to live. The only way that will happen is by following God and doing things to make HIM happy. How do we do that? Well lets see I believe I wrote all truth is in the WORD, so that is a good place to start!
I love you guys. I am your friend, but I can not friend everybody. I am only one person. So the best advice I can give you is please start trying to do things to make God happy, Believe it or not I am on the same path as you. I am not over you. I am also trying to make it to heaven. I am trying to make God happy. So lets do things together and try and grow and make God happy.
We can leave all them other guys alone. We can just follow God on our own and mind our own business. Keep our eyes on JESUS! I don’t know about you guys. I didn’t come to judge anybody. JESUS is the judge and so many have told us they are judges, and they have rights to judge. Lets let them judge us my friends, in the mean while, we will just read our bibles. We will praise, we will try with all our might to make God happy. Lets read our Word and study and pray when nobody can see us. and if God places it in your heart to pray for people in public then by all means, do what God tells you to do my friends.
So many people preaching the Jesus message we will just leave it to them guys. Matter fact GOOD JOB! #GOTEAMJESUS! I pray anyone out there is blessed by this message, and lets go forward together. God loves us even if they tell you He don’t, God says keep your eyes on HIM and don’t worry about them! I don’t know about you guys, but I am going to listen. You do whatever your own heart and mind tells you to do. because on judgement day it will be you who stands for you. Everyone have a wonderful day or night. Whatever it is when you’re reading this! GOD loves you and He wants you to know there is nothing you did in the past that He can not forgive you of. Just give it to God and then keep your eyes on HIM and move forward.Keep your eyes on God!!! if it is not Godly let it go. God help many people go forward Lord in Jesus  name Amen!


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