Lie to me please.

I never thought, I ever thought different then anyone. All my life all I have been looking for is honesty. For truth.  I don’t want to be lied to. Even if the truth offends me and I need to hear it. Let me hear it. I did think all people were  like this. I am not sure this is truth anymore. I see a lot of things that lead me to this decision.


I see a lot of people want to be told, we are all beautiful. But I was always taught beauty comes from with in.  I see over weight people and this is the type of person I am, Don’t tell me I am  beautiful big, I know I can be, because again, it is what is inside that matters.  But if you love me.  Would you not want me to exercise? Would you not want to say things to me like, “hey you are beautiful, but your weight might be killing you.”


I am the person who wants to hear, “You need to go exercise.” I don’t need anyone trying to pump up my self esteem. I mean what is the good of thinking I am beautiful, if my obesity is going to cause me less years for me to enjoy my beauty? Which is better, I be beautiful big, or I live longer? and if I am big beautiful, just imagine how I can look if I get in shape, is my thinking.  So to me, I would prefer the, hey go exercise message and act like I want to live. Then somebody feeding me compliments, because my feelings may be offended.  I use to think everybody thought this way.


But no, so many want pleasing words from others, they would rather be lied to then hear truth. I want to be told I am pretty. What others think of me matters. I would rather be lied to then hear something that would save my life. This is today’s thinking about everything.


It is biblical.  They did not come to the Light for if they did their deeds would be manifested. and they would have to answer for them, is basically the meaning in John 3:19-21.  People would rather be lied to so then, that way they do not have to fix them self. That is kind of sad when you start thinking of it. The saddest  thing is, people are happy doing such things.  They get to the place, they do not want to hear the truth. It is also the same mentality drug addicts have. They run from their family members, because the family members tell them to sober up. Hey your killing  yourself. So the addict hides and goes and does even more drugs,  it really is a circle.


Lie to me please, So that way I can just keep being miserable and living my lie, that is killing me. I guess I really am different. I don’t want to be lied to. I want help. I want to live. I see this life is a gift. I just don’t see a lot of truth tellers, So I speak, praying someone like the former me runs along into my writing, and to them my words become a huge blessing.  I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to die in their sins.  I can not be the only one who wants to hear truth.  So for those people I speak, and I want you to know I love you and there is hope for you.


I lean on God for everything I can not do on my own. Bible reading is awesome, But you know they have support groups that can help you also. Church is really great too! Just remember if you do not believe in God you heard it from a woman who does believe in God. So if my words help any at all. Just give God a simple thanks. because I give all my thanks to Him. Some of the best truth in this world is written in the Word of God. Run to God and not away from Him. Run to the Light and ask God to help clean you up, so your Light can shine in you to.  I pray this be a blessing to many, in Jesus name Amen!



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