Let us eat (sup) together!

Praise the Lord people of the world. all over. Every morning we awake it is a new day and a new opportunity to praise GOD, who is YAH, to be called JESUS- they are ONE! The Lord has made all names. All Creation. I pray that we praise the Lord.
I pray God if there be any mockers among us you help them stop. I pray if there be any bitterness between any, you fill them with peace. Help many find your peace and your mercy and your compassion. Fill us with wisdom and sound mind and a clear mind too Lord. I lift up your name and give thanks for all things. The seen and unseen and super natural. I pray we all put our eyes on GOD, Get in the Word and lets incline our hearts and minds to instruction, knowledge and peace and life and justice, and judgement and God’s wrath and curses and all things in the WORD of GOD.
I did not come to take away from the churches or the Word truth be told I want to sow into God’s Kingdom all over. and visit many churches and just speak all over.
Do you know God made everything? and all things in this world work for the goodness of GOD.. I pray we all just take a little time to take heed and read our bibles. Not all people want to read the Word, and it is ok but the ones who do. I love God daily and am always looking for people to sit around and talk about God. People who pray and read their Word. I will do it all by myself just like I have and will. But I pray the Lord just send a lot of anxious people to me who are hungry for God’s WORD! We can eat the Word together and grow! it is our health food my friends! It brings life and all things for good living. If not I will just keep being me. God bless everyone I pray God draw many into His joy, and peace and comfort. Be blessed and Shalom family of GOD.
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