Learn to love self

I pray many people start loving self as much as they are seeking love from others. years ago I had no self esteem. I use to think a relationship would make me happy. drugs would make me happy. being at a bar made me happy. All these things I did looking for happiness and honestly that was like tossing gasoline on the fire. I really had to start putting the mirror in front of my face. But honestly I was praying in my closet. God started helping me. I wish I could say I am strong minded all on my own but no I am a big baby and honestly I lean on my Daddy! (Abba-Father-GOD-Jesus)

Most people in the world are giving up on adults and trying to save children. Adults don’t want to listen and honestly real hard for an adult to change their mentality. and honestly that is because unless adults want help they will never change and that is truth. many say they don’t need help and they cry and cry when nobody sees them.

Nothing in my life has ever been easy and i could be like others and focus on children but honestly God made me strong so I don’t stay on the weak path. I would rather speak to adults as I am an adult and honestly I mostly agree if I had no faith in God I would say adults are hopeless too.

I once went to church and asked a pastor why all the messages to the children and they said we can’t reach the adults so we are preaching to those who can hear it. So adults they are writing us off and truthfully I know why. it is a generation of 40 year olds still hanging in clubs. Still partying. Still doing things babies do. But then again most of them are the generation of babies who had babies. So that is understandable. but also sad too.

So many 30 and 40 year olds just dropping off like flies. So many dying from drug over doses. Man life is not easy people and who ever told you it was, was lying. You want love? Then love yourself. I don’t know unless I am special as soon as I started loving myself I started being really cautious to what I allowed in my life, and it has been wonderful ever since!!!! <3

if you are depressed seriously do some self reflecting. get a pen and paper and write the things you don’t like and start changing it. Sorry if you don’t got your stuff in order you will be walked all over. When your self esteem goes up you start realizing I will not allow myself to be treated this way anymore. Personally this is where I say lean on God because somethings in my life I could not fix on my own. Start praying crying out to God and really look with in. Change starts with in and honestly I believe you can do it! I love you guys. This message was written for people to move forward. Shalom dear people! A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes


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