Ladies, HEADS UP!!

Ladies this message is to us. We need to examine ourselves in just a short matter of time we went from husbands. to baby daddies. From wives to side chicks.
That’s fine and dandy, to each their own, but we are heading into a generation of just some guy I slept with. Is that the label you want for your child’s father? relationships are getting less and less and the labels less personal. From wives to side chicks to ho’s, and now thawts.
I pray God help women be women again. written in the utmost love for my fellow woman! we can do better then this! There is nothing wrong with befriending the one you eventually are going to sleep with. (hopefully marry) Learn to control your self, or get a job, get a dog, Get a hobby. SOMETHING! Much better then trying to mend pieces that don’t fit together. Also way better then today’s labels.
Just Food for thought, Learn to love self! Shalom! <3
I once heard this statement , “Somebody who loves them self does not sleep around.” STD’s are real. and so is all the hurt from broken families and a bunch of strangers trying to work it out.
This is not holly wood. Many people are struggling now because they tried to play family with that guy they met last night. STRANGERRRRRR! DANGERRRR! In reality that stuff does not work. people end up fighting. You could be murdered. You DO NOT KNOW a person, you met at a bar drunk and I will be your friend who tells you this! i pray many take this lessons with them and live it! in Jesus name Amen!
and P.S if you out there doing what you ought not be doing. Food for thought. people are catching kids with condoms can you catch STD’s with them too? think on it! The safest sex there is is no sex at all. or go rub on out. never heard of anyone dying from whacking off. I DO NOT ENDORSE whacking off but at the same time it is without a doubt the lessor of two evils. My honest answer would be pray and ask God to to take away your sexual urges so that you can refrain until you meet someone willing to marry you. Someone you click with. meaning you know them. you love them and want to keep them. Not I lust you and want you and now I’m alone. Out of all the married couples I know that been together many years they were all friends first. Not saying that be the case in all but all the ones I asked this was the case. Again food for thought! Shalom! keeping it 100!! #FamilyLIVESmatter! #TeamFRIENDZONE!
Fellas if you out there reading this message can go to you also. Nothing wrong with knowing who you lay with!

Food For Thought

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