Ladies guard your heart

Ladies guard your heart. Everyone wants to be in a relationship it seems. Which is a good thing, but many are going at it all the wrong ways. Some things in my life I have observed. For the most part I do not believe in that fairy tale love of three days. But something the movies do have pretty accurate when it comes to love is. Men in love will do many things for their woman. They will climb mountains, move across seas. Fight a lion or tiger to get the woman they love.


I have seen men do some foolish things all for the woman they love.  It makes me laugh and cry all at the same time. I say, boy now that is love!  I see a lot of ladies hurting. You’re crying, but then you are chasing down your man. I have noticed a man in love, does not need  to be told to call and check on his girl. Stop making excuses for them men who never call you.  The odds are greatly high if you are always calling him, if it is you, making you guys spend time together. I will save you a world of hurt don’t bother.


I know nobody wants to hear it. But if you are the only person in a relationship ever calling, the only one who sends the first text always.  it is a good sign that man does not love you.  In the best interest for your own heart, and your own feelings, you have to let him go. Sometimes men do not even realize they are in love, until the girl takes that first step of saying, screw you buddy I am not chasing any man. Then your absence seems to make them realize they love you.  But that does not always work like that, because some men don’t love you and they are just using you. How do I know which is which?


The men in love come after you. Why haven’t you been calling. Where are you? I miss you.  A real man in love calls his woman, He wants her by his side.   It does not have to be forced on him.  Ladies please open your eyes and guard your heart. Years ago men were the pursuers. They did the chasing.  Now ladies keep following men who don’t even want them. Time for us to wake up.


A man who really wants you will come for you and that is truths. We need to wake up. Just because you want to eat the whole cake all in one sitting, does not mean you should.  Sometimes you have to realize I would rather hurt and loose him, then to keep hurting by being ignored. I mean if you are crying because he never spends time with you. might as well make it one last  official cry and just get rid of the guy. He is no good for you. A man who loves you will find a way to stay in your life. This is what I truly believe to be true from all things I have seen in many relationships, in many years all through my life.


It is really sad to let men do harmful things to you, just because we crave someone and then want to call it love. How can you love a man that does not even respect you, enough to call?  I don’t think that is love. It is the old human nature; we want things we can’t have. Get over that painful stuff. Please. I love you and care about you and I am tired of seeing ladies cry over men they should never of been with in the first place.


Nobody wants to hear this. But most of the time people go looking for relationships and then they get in trouble, because they are trying to make something they want happen. Be patient and just let it happen on it’s own. I also see some of the best relationships in the world who are still standing after many years, is when the parties say. “I wasn’t even looking for love”  Sorry not a message many want to hear, But who likes being broken hearted?  I don’t know I won’t let men walk over me, and I truly would rather die alone then be with somebody who doesn’t even think of me. Anyways just a random thought. I pray it help anyone in Jesus name Amen!


Men if your lady is bad to you also. You should leave her also. Just my advice. I don’t know about you guys, But I am worth more then that!




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