kings and queens all ready made

A lot of people are looking for kings and queens all ready made with royal status instead of saying, Lord, I want a man let us start from the bottom and build our own Kingdom. Where two are willing to work together all things are possible. Even from going from rags to riches in a matter of seconds. instead of us all looking for perfect mates, I pray God unite some broken people and let them become perfected together. Since I notice all the holy people wait for perfect people. I pray for those who are not perfect, and I pray God help you guys be perfected and grow together and Build up God’s Kingdom here on earth. God is the Church and under God sits family! Be blessed by this message friends. and God will restore many to families. I pray many seek God so it be possible for them. That is my prayers and they will be answered, to all those who seek God and pray God direct my feet. Have a blessed wonderful day friends! Time heals all wounds! A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes.

Food For Thought

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