Just start thinking a bit

One of these days when you get tired you will sit and look at your life and decide you had enough, and when that happens you may not know how to change. You have to examine yourself.
irrational thinking. many suffer from this. They do the first thing that sounds good, and feels good and they don’t think about it. They sleep with the first person they meet. They say things before thinking. They get in cars drunk and drive, Not even thinking they can kill a child.. All a part of irrational thinking.
Think before you say. Think before you do. With every action there are repercussions. If you know stabbing someone is either going to result in someone getting revenge or ending in a jail. Then don’t stab someone! That is simple not most of us are murders. But that same mentality goes a long way. if your always saying mean things to people. You can’t say i always do it then expect someone to forgive you. You have to get to the point you don’t say it at all to begin with. It is not easy and you may fail sometime but before you know it, it becomes a lifestyle and then you don’t have to worry about hurting people with mean words.
Anyways that is food for all of us to grow on. trust me when i say I work through this one almost everyday and I don’t say the things i did to people 20 years ago, but I confess I still have faults. But seriously should of seen me years ago. Again everyday i have to struggle with this, Especially with dealing with so many people online. People on facenook and social media are many times ruthless, rude and vultures and I put a lot of work in not to be like them. Just because others jump off bridges does not mean i have to join them. Anyways random thought Shalom!
I pray many people start thinking before they say and do. it can save lives, marriages, families and friendships! Serious TRUTH!

Food For Thought

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