Just One

You know sometimes in life it only takes one person to make a difference. Just one.  Sometimes people seem to forget we are all people. How not one person in this world, who does not cry, or hurt, or strive for something.  We are all not the same, but at the same time we are the same too.  Sometimes in life it only takes one person to really just change someone’s whole life around.


We study past,  we look through out history. The world has been lead by just one person many generations, different seasons, for whatever reasons.  Nothing new is under the sun.  But for each person daily, anyone can be a special something, to somebody.


You know what if you had a bad day. You just lost your house. your kids, your job. What if you had a day like Job? and somebody just came up random and gave you a big old hug, and said. Don’t worry!  Everything is going to be fine, and they wiped your tear off. and disappeared. or perhaps even went further to help you. To that one person you are a heroine, (hero) an angel, some will even say you are God, because to them, you never know you might just be one.

We do not all think the same, but at the same time, we all could be God’s in this world.  I do not mean having super human powers. I mean walk around like the Body of God (Christ). Say things God (JESUS) would say to people. Compliment a random stranger. Offer to carry bags for an old lady.  You never know you might get called all type of things. Either way it just takes one person to make a difference. That different doesn’t always have to be about 10, million followers. 100 people praising you. Helping even one person, to them you are a blessing, Does that one matter to GOD? IT SURE DOES!


You know so many Christians walking around, but why are there not a lot of good people then?  I pray all of us really start looking with in.  It only takes one to make a difference. Be different, to make a difference.  If everyone is so quick to get people’s praises. Lets all start doing good deeds and letting people praise us!  Not everyone you hep will say thank you. But most will, and you and God and them will know the truth and what do you think God will think of you, if you start trying to be God’s Body?  The Body of Christ?


Be the Church my friends, Be different to make a difference, in Jesus name Amen! I pray somebody get something out of this, even if it is Just One! God bless you! God loves you!


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