Just obeying GOD!

For seven years I sowed into God’s Kingdom never asking for a penny. Such things are not really my style either. But I been praying for a lot of things in private, and my heart is not greedy. God spoke to me and said someone is trying to send me a blessing and they do not know how. So for that purpose only I am sharing my pay pal Info. I am not a beggar neither am I ashamed or afraid to work for a living. I am absolutely without a doubt, only doing this for the Lord spoke to my spirit and said to post it. So as always I walk in faith and do not question. And trust me when I say every single penny of it will be used to sow into God’s Kingdom! Have a blessed day family, and friends and readers. If you are the person the Lord spoke of then this is my paypal info. Any who want to judge me you can. But please God does see all things and know every single person’s heart desire. Even mine my friends.Shalom family in Christ! and bless abundantly the one who came to bless me! Much thanks and appreciation in advance and praises to GOD always! Shalom!
To the one whom the Lord placed it on your heart, Here is my pay pal info. I can not see you, but indeed God does know who you are! https://www.paypal.me/AHEALINGWORD


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