Lord God. I come to you in your holy precious name of JESUS and I pray and I ask you Lord. I pray to the Spirit that made us. I pray to GOD our Maker. I pray to you Lord Jesus for I do believe you, when you said I and my Father are ONE, and I thank you for the mighty wisdom you have given us!
I come before you Lord, not to make a show for people. but to let it be known the prayers of many in their closet. Lord we love you and we praise you today and we pray Lord, please help convict the Shepherds who sit with that awful image they created in their building.
We pray God in your name help convict them to take that image down. We respect, honor, and cherish your Word and we know that we are not judges. So I plead the blood of Jesus over them Lord, and pray to you alone, convict their hearts. Tell them Lord take down them statues and them images they made down Lord. help them remember your commandments Lord.
I pray God, in you whom I trust that I know only you can change their heart. I pray you let them read that mighty BOOK they carry around and help them be doers of the WORD, Lord not just listeners. For I do not want to judge anyone falsely Lord, and maybe they are just being blindly lead, and if that be so, I pray you open their eyes Lord.
I pray you give them strength to turn around. To commit to being doers of your Word. I do not believe all people want to forsake you Lord, So I pray on their behalf in case ignorance be the problem. help them worship you Lord in Spirit in truth. help them to see Spirit is invisible.
I pray God convict their hearts, Convict their souls,their minds oh Lord and help them remember who you are Lord, in Jesus name I pray, Father forgive them if they known not what they do, Either way we call on you and all your Holy Angels. Please GOD help us fight this battle, IN JESUS NAME AMEN!
My Brethren and to all who worship that false image of Jesus. please let that man die and give him peace, tis a shameful thing to give our Savior glory and honor with an image. No matter who the man. GOD IS NOT AN IMAGE MY FRIENDS!
He is the Spirit that made us THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH! THE SPIRIT IS INVISIBLE AND THIS IS TRUTHS I TELL YOU! I do pray many people just pick up the Word of GOD and do things to make GOD happy, in Jesus name Amen! HOLY SPIRIT=SPIRIT OF GOD MY FRIENDS!
So many worshiping things they do not know, my friends these things ought not be! Please be wise and consider such things. Take all questions to prayer and supplication and to the WORD for confirmation! Be blessed by this message, I also pray many are anointed by it, and that you be written in the Lamb’s Book of LIFE and be kept not be blotted out. Have a blessed day , and GOD loves you! Find JESUS!


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