I love you!

Tomorrow is promised to no man. So many people walking around being, hmmm, how shall I word such things? Ummm, I think I will leave the name calling out, 😉 BUT lets just say some people’s kids……… That’s all I’m saying 🙂


We all want to stand up and be different, and be noticed. You know what I find to be rare these days? People filled with love. So what an example and impression a person who is nice can make. You know a kind word can go a long way. A door being opened for the elderly, or a woman even. 🙂

A lot of times people have rough days and just one kind word can make some remember you. Just food for thought dear people. Have a blessed day and greetings from the Lord!  Shalom! I LOVE YOU! Jesus is love I pray many follow the love of JESUS! GOD! #Blessings! Short Notes Matter!



Food For Thought

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